Strategy & Development 

Expertise in a large variety of ressources

For the last decade, Oredog company has cumulated knowledge and experiences of numerous mining project. Gold, Diamond, Nickel, Copper, Tourmaline have been our main targets as well as mining waste and environment biodiversity management.

Working  in all stage of the mine development

From preliminary report to mining closure, we want to provide solutions and technologies that benefit all the parties involved in the project. One principal issue is the financial outlook from mineral exploration to mineral process mine, which rises at every step of the mining development, that’s why, Oredog, by using the most advanced technologies, will make sure to reduce the cost of expenditure.

We are fast and cost saving

High Technologies are the preferred assets, but it is not working alone. Our team of geologist trained and/or who have been participating in the development of thought technologies are our assets. Polyvalent and moved by the spirit of innovation, reduce the risk of misconception of an orebody will make the investigation less costly.

Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment is to reduce the environmental impact of the mine for those companies who want to work seriously and efficiently in a perspective of environmental preservation policy. Your main Solution is to make the local communities as an actor of the environment by providing them resources to develop infrastructures they need to increase the environmental knowledge and work on specific improvement.

Worldwild Market 

Until now we have focus on the African & Scandinavian markets, but we are open to work anywhere. In a short future we will develop new exploration and mining project in Canada, United States, South America and also Australia.

Image Credit Pixabay