OREDOG consulting services 

Consult us to increase your possibilities or as a second opinion

With decades of experiences in all levels of mining development OREDOG could be with you for advices as well as developing the solution for you. A second opinion is extremely valuable for the good development of a mining project and could avoid investment lost, miscalculations of resources, extraction issues and disastrous environmental damages.

In the Climate Emergency situation that we are now, the mining industry has to change and Oredog is here to help.


During the exploration phase, we could assist you on field with our technologies and expertise. Help you to explore new area quickly, claim the right place and plan the drilling campaign.

Resources confirmation

We could assist you at the evaluation of your claim, or by an overview of the estimation you have made.  

Mining process 

With our partner and our in house technologies, we will 

provide you the best solution which give you the highest 

rate of extraction with a minimum environmental impact.

Environment survey

OREDOG could provide you an environmental report, with solutions to protect and preserve the biodiversity around the mining site. We also work to make sustainable agriculture development in the area of the mine on a symbiotic work.

Waste managment

For OREDOG, there is no waste which is not considered as a resource. By providing the best environmentally friendly methods for processing mine, it is also means no polluted waste. We have developed aside a construction company to take care of those wastes.

Local Community relationship

Nowadays a mining site is quickly exploited (5-20 years) and there is no sustainable work in for local communities, that's why we are committed to develop agriculture and environment protection aspects.