OREDOG Research and news perspective

Ore sniffing Dog 

After 10 years of research and test on the field, Rex success is the proof of the efficiency of our innovative training methods. The best ally for an exploration company the sniffing dog has shown their efficiency on the field beyond expectation due to their extraordinary sense of smell. One dog could explore 1,000 hectares per week and could detect some mineralisation up to 50 m depth. Extreme valuable assets they avoid us to invest costly investigation on poor area and focus on the richer one and even found a new rich area ignored by geologists.

High Technologies development 

OREDOG work, in partnership or alone, to develop new tools for exploration and mining, by providing the best of the latest technology. We will give you precise and fast results with a really low margin of error for a lower risk investment. 
The latest technologies we are developing are :
  • Post core Processing equipment, with a log mapping of elements contained in the core few minutes after extraction.
  • Geophysics Drones
  • Environmentally Friendly mobile benification plant for Gold ( NO Cyanide, NO Mercury)

Bee mapping 

Bees are an extraordinary species, their sense of smell are 1000 times better than dogs, that's why, we are focusing on two research aspect:

Firstly, we train bees on the ore we are looking for, which is easier and quicker than expected. In 2 hours we could train up to 200 bees collected near to the area of prospection. When they are released on the field, they will look for the ore, following by drones equipped with LIDAR detection tools. We are looking for, the area where they stand for a short period of time, after that, they will naturally go back to their hive and work normally again.

Secondly, to be capable of this, we need to have bees on the field, and that's why, we want to work with local community for the development of bee protection on all continents.

A.I for mining big data

To perform on high technologies, it is needed to develop, as well, a big data treatment. We are looking for creating and improving softwares by the development of algorithms to save time and energy, to reduce the risk of human and computer mistakes on resource evaluation.  

Image Credit Pixabay