OREDOG the first exploration & consulting mining company for ecological transition

We are looking into the future

Peter Bergman, successful  CEO for several Swedish company have, 17 years ago, start over again for his first passion, exploration Geology.

He worked all over the world, Asia, USA, Europe and Africa and all along his journey he saw mining companies who lost investment, making costly mistakes, be misinformed and even scammed which have led to human and environmental disaster. He Observe, he learned and then decide to change what were wrong by focusing in two things when he start the company in 2008:

Explore new resources more effectively, safely and cost savings,
and making it environmentally friendly. 

For the last 10 years he worked hard to develop new methodologies based on 50 years studies from Finland on ore sniffing dogs and extend it for bees, he tested it and get a rate of 100% success. Now with his associates, Tanya Bezuidenhout the CEO, consulting finance advisor and Diane Fève the new Oredog geologist and environmentalist, he wants to push the company even further on the market.

OREDOG technologies, knowledges and experiences make us the first environmentally friendly mining consulting company.

In a context of climate emergency, it is not possible now for the mining industry to continue on the same way.

Our vision is to create a responsible and caring operation, to provide skills and employment that will improve the life of those living in the areas where we operate. We will be a partner of choice and work with the community, government, investors, ONG and others to achieve our goal of sustainable growth.

OREDOG, an innovative company already recognised

In 2011, OREDOG have been honored to receive the price for the most innovative company in Sweden.

To saving time, money and the environment

We specialized in finding Kimberlite using our oredogs, and we have many Kimberlite/diamond discoveries, both in South Africa, and in Sweden, where we currently work on these discoveries. See my sponsor, sjö & sandström watch above, with a good size diamond on top of it.

Our booklet to Download

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